Children and Television

Children and Television

Authors : Barrie Gunter, Jill L. McAleer
Publisher : Psychology Press
Published Date : 1997
Rating : 5
Catagory : Performing Arts, Psychology, Social Science
ISBN-13 : 9780415144520
Page : 260 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Children and Television

Does violence on TV lead to violent behaviour? How can parents influence children’s viewing?

Fears over the effect of television on children have been around since it was invented. The recent explosion in the number of channels and new multimedia entertainment lends a new urgency to the discussion.

This completely revised second edition of Children and Television brings the story of children and television right up to date. In addition to presenting the latest research on all of the themes covered in the first edition, it includes a discussion of the new entertainment media now available and a new chapter which examines the role of television in influencing children’s health related attitudes behaviour.

Barrie Gunter and Jill McAleer examine the research evidence in to the effects of television on children and their responses to it. They conclude that children are sophisticated viewers and control television far more than it controls them.

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