The Simple Truth About Love

The Simple Truth About Love

Authors : Bradley Trevor Greive
Publisher : Andrews McMeel Publishing
Published Date : 2005-11
Rating : 4
Catagory : Family & Relationships
ISBN-13 : 9780740755668
Page : 116 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions The Simple Truth About Love

No one can distill a universal topic to its essence better than Bradley Trevor Greive. The Incredible Truth About Love matches his highly inspirational thoughts with his trademark adorable and irresistible wildlife images for a heartwarming book that readers will fall for.

What more can you possibly say about love? Leave it to Bradley Trevor Greive to cut through centuries of words that examine this universal emotion to present both the sum and substance of love in a way that will touch readers’ hearts. As he’s done in numerous other titles–from The Blue Day Book to Dear Dad–Bradley combines his uncomplicated wording and unique viewpoint in a way that appeals to readers everywhere.

The Incredible Truth About Love explores this driving sentiment throughout its many nuances, while recognizing the elements that make it such an incredibly wonderful part of our lives. Helping along the way, of course, are the individually selected animal photographs that perfectly convey the ideas that Bradley presents. From the chick sheltered beneath his mother’s wing to the cubs locked in joyous embrace, the images make this book a delight on it’s own.

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