Green Electricity

Green Electricity

Authors : Kendall F. Haven
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Published Date : 2011
Rating :
Catagory : Nature, Technology & Engineering
ISBN-13 : 9781598845792
Page : 175 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Green Electricity

Each year, our electricity demands increase with the proliferation of devices that all depend on electricity—computers, cell phones, microwave ovens, electric cars, and home entertainment. However, the industry that generates electricity in the United States is the single greatest polluter and source of greenhouse gases. Which green technologies can meet our expanding needs for power?

Green Electricity: 25 Green Technologies That Will Electrify Your Future lays out the possible blueprints for a greener future in a way that will engage middle school learners, enabling students and teachers to explore the emerging energy technologies that could become the future of our electrical supply system.

In Part One of this book, the author describes the amazing patchwork of 1,300 power plants and over 5 million miles of wire that comprise our national grid and reveals the environmental damages it causes. Part Two examines the 25 leading ecofriendly contenders to modernize and replace our current grid, describing each proposed technology and how it works. Other relevant information is also provided, such as a qualitative assessment of the pluses, minuses, and limitations of each system, and an assessment of that technology’s potential to contribute to our future electrical appetite.

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