Authors : Péter Nádas
Publisher : Macmillan
Published Date : 2004-02
Rating : 5
Catagory : Fiction
ISBN-13 : 9780374529550
Page : 128 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Love

The hallucinatory, unforgettable account of a moment – or an eternity – in an uncertain love affair

The man has actually come to tell his lover that he wants to leave her, but as soon as he walks in he realizes he won’t be able to tell her. The woman rolls a joint. They smoke it. And as they drift into another state of mind, he approaches the border zones between being and nonbeing, between living and imagining, or is it between life and death?

From the acclaimed author of A Book of Memories we now have this unsettling and strangely beautiful exploration of the impossibility of love. The mysterious musicality and physical intensity of the narration will be familiar to readers of Nadas’s other fiction, but Love is a radical new departure.

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