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Book Love
by Penny Kittle

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Presents strategies for getting students to read, and offers advice on building a school culture around a love of reading, helping students deepen their understanding of what they read, and balancing independent reading and text study.

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Penny Kittle
Heinemann Educational Books

On Love
by Rusmir Mahmutćehajić

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This rare and important contribution to the field of Islamic studies, philosophy, and comparative religion achieves a twofold objective. First, it draws from a broad and authoritative well of sources, especially in the domain of Sufism, or Islamic mysticism. The scholarship is impeccable. Second, it is an in-depth meditation on the relationship between love and knowledge, multiplicity and unity, the example of the Prophet Muhammed viewed as Universal Man, spiritual union, heart and intellect, and other related themes–conveyed in fresh, contemporary language.The book is as much a work of Sufism as it is a book about Sufism. Many of these themes have a universal appeal for students of mysticism; consequently, there are distinct resonances with other traditions, especially within certain schools of Christian mysticism dominated by the language of love.In our day, when the divisions between many Muslims and many Christians have broadened into chasms of suspicion and fear, books such as this one are especially important for the help they can offer in bridging these rifts. The capacity of scholars to understand these two religions, which stem from the same Abrahamic source, is of the utmost significance, and the best approach to better understanding may be through the mystical traditions, which tend to reflect more tolerance and to recognize a potential for seeing unity in a multiplicity of perspectives. This work conveys the beauty at the heart of the Islamic tradition in a language devoid of technical terminology.

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Rusmir Mahmutćehajić
Fordham Univ Press

by Rosemary Haughton

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Rosemary Haughton

Food and Love
by Jack Goody

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Describes the evolution of cuisines from both the East and West, their influence on the rest of the world, and taboos associated with certain foods and drinks.

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Jack Goody

On Love
by Hugh Feiss

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The version of the Rule of St. Augustine used at the Abbey of St.Victor began with the command to love God above all things and ones neighbor as oneself. Not surprisingly, then, love was a pervasive theme in the writings produced there, many of which are introduced and translated here: (1)five lyrical essays by Hugh of St.Victor (d.1141): The Praise of Charity; The Betrothal Gift of the Soul; In Praise of the Spouse; On the Substance of Love; What Truly Should Be Loved?; (2)On the Four Degrees of Violent Love, by Richard of St.Victor (d.1173), which traces the likenesses and differences between romantic love and the love of God; (3)Achard of St.Victor (d.1170), Sermon5 and two of Adam of St.Victors sequences are examples of how these authors wove love into their writings; (4)excerpts from the Microcosmus by Godfrey of St.Victor (, summarize the central place of love in his humanistic theological anthropology.

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Hugh Feiss
New City Press

by Péter Nádas

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A new novel by the acclaimed Hungarian writer explores life of a relationship, lingering in a languid moment between a woman and the man who intends to end their relationship. 15,000 first printing.

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Péter Nádas

By Knowledge & by Love
by Michael S. Sherwin

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By Knowledge and By Love represents a major contribution to Thomistic moral theology and philosophy by providing a thoughtful examination of Aquinas’ psychology of action and his theology of charity.

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Michael S. Sherwin
CUA Press

by Florence Montreynaud

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Offering a most distinctive take on the subject, “Love” lets readers walk hand in hand through the 20th century with some of its most famous couples. 440 illustrations.

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Florence Montreynaud

The Simple Truth About Love
by Bradley Trevor Greive

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What more can you possibly say about love? Leave it to Bradley Trevor Greive to cut through centuries of words that examine this universal emotion to present both the sum and substance of love in a way that will touch readers’ hearts. As he’s done in 10 previous titles with us – from The Blue Day Book to Dear Dad – Bradley combines his uncomplicated wording and unique viewpoint in a way that appeals to readers everywhere. The Simple Truth About Love explores this driving sentiment throughout its many nuances, while recognizing the elements that make it such an incredibly wonderful part of our lives. Helping along the way, of course, are the individually selected animal photographs that perfectly convey the ideas that Bradley presents. From the chick sheltered beneath his mother’s wing to the cubs locked in joyous embrace, the images make this book a delight on their own. ‘Complex in their simplicity’, ‘Satisfying and fulfilling’, and ‘Just right . . . every time’ are common and oft-repeated responses. The Simple Truth About Love now promises the same praise.

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Bradley Trevor Greive
Andrews McMeel Publishing

The Love Book
by John Randolph Price

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Focusing on the energy of love, this book focuses on how it can overcome limitations in relationships, finance or the physical body. There are passages on true love, divine nature, cause and manifestation, and overcoming time, demonstrating how the reader can release this spiritual power.

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John Randolph Price
Hay House Incorporated